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Top 5 Reasons Why Clients Trust Erman Retirement Advisory


1.     Family is everything

Countless number of our valued clients have always complimented on our family-centric atmosphere in the office and how it shows up in our daily interactions with our clients.  This is clearly seen as soon as you walk into our office – you will be greeted by various members of the Erman family who have been long time full-time employees.  We know all our clients personally and family members on a first name basis. 

Life has its ups and downs - we empathize and show our care when our clients are going through a tough time.  We reassure, call to check-in, and provide encouragement whenever possible.  Conversely, we celebrate our client’s moments of joy too – attend their retirement party, birth of grandchildren, family gatherings, children graduating from college. 

We are connected with our client’s lives and we consider our clients as part of our extended family.

2.     We actively listen and understand our clients

Financial matters are not always about numbers and figures.  Many times it involves emotions, sentimental feelings, expectations, and biases that may skew investment decisions that may have dramatic impacts to our client’s lives. 

That is why we listen carefully, take notes, ask questions, and take an active approach in learning about our client’s lives and preferences.  When talking to our clients, we are always cognizant and aware of the dynamics of our clients and how it may influence the financial solutions that we put and follow together.

3.     Independent thinking and guidance – with integrity

With today’s headlines filled with news and opinions, it’s hard to separate what is fact and fiction and who to believe.  Clients often come to us confused and ask for clarity.  We pride ourselves being independent when we sit down with our clients.  What does being independent mean?  It means we work for YOU

We do not work for a big company or report our financial to any outside owner.  We are free to choose any product or strategy without any bias or pressure or have to please someone above us.  We take the time to do our own research and due diligence to make sure they are suitable for our clients.  As a fiduciary, we hold ourselves to a higher standard to ensure our clients’ financial health are perfectly aligned with their financial and life’s goals.  Helping our clients pursue their financial goals is first and foremost.

4.     Open communication and world-class service

We know our clients have many choices with their money, but they still choose us because we are easily accessible.  When you call us, our personable staff will answer the phone within 2 rings.  No need to punch buttons on your phone through the robotic menu prompts like at other companies. 

We deliver world-class service where we provide recap summaries of our meetings, diligently follow up on issues, hold ourselves accountable, and complete them with a sense of urgency.  We keep you updated on the progress of your request all the way until it’s resolved.  We strive to return all calls and e-mails within same business day.  It is our higher level of service, depth of knowledge, and professionalism that sets us apart.

5.     Over Thirty Years of Experience

When dealing with the financial markets, it is extremely important to choose a financial firm with experience.  Why?  Markets cycles usually span many years of positive growth, declining recessionary years, and periods of sluggish economic conditions.  Remember the years where inflation was sky high?  And years of low interest rates where savings accounts were paying nothing.  At Erman Retirement Advisory, we have over 30 years of experience in helping clients navigate through different types of market conditions.

To schedule a financial consultation and see how you can benefit from our services, call us today at (866) 827-5469, (562) 546-6021 or e-mail us at