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Our Approach

At Erman Retirement Advisory, we follow the Tactical Asset Management System (TAMS) program which is a systematic process to help our clients pursue their life and financial goals.  TAMS is based on Harry Markowitz and Bill Sharpe’s Modern Portfolio Theory, for which they were awarded the 1990 Nobel Prize in Economics.  We adhere to a long-term approach and ignore the daily gyrations and noise of the market.

Our initial meetings allow both the client and the financial planner to discover and to get to know each other better.  These meetings are designed to help the client understand their own financial situation and provide a road map on how we intend to work together to help pursue those life goals.

For example, for a client looking to retire, we would sit down with the client and present our Retirement Feasibility Study (RFS), which looks at future growth and investment projections based on the client's current financial picture.  Together with the client, we can adjust the assumptions and see the impact of those changes dynamically reflect on the big screen.  Our Social Security Analysis tool helps determine the optimal method for maximum social security benefit payments for our clients.  We also help provide Tax Withholding Analysis to estimate best withholding rates for income taxes to help client's budget more precisely.  These are just a few examples of the guidance that we provide to our clients.

As a valued client or Erman  Retirement Advisory, our firm provides the following:

  • Initial meeting to discover each other and learn about client's life goals, help determine levels for risk, conduct cash flow analysis, and retirement saving projections.
  • Client meetings to review progress towards financial goals and investment objectives.  Portfolio update meetings, are conducted either annually, semi-annually, or quarterly - depending on the complexity of the overall investment plan.
  • Asset allocation re-balancing every quarterly where if the end period allocations deviate more that 4% from the target positions. Any re-positioning will only occur with the approval of the client.
  • Recap letters are provided after every client review meeting.
  • Client quarterly reports consolidated on a household level.
  • Unlimited telephone access to our firm's staff members.
  • Review or setup of income distribution program, as applicable.
  • Review of beneficiaries and trust documents.
  • Re-registration of investment positions in the event of the adoption of a living trust or death of an owner.
  • Schedule D tax service listing previous year's transactions/gains/losses.
  • Invitation to various client appreciation and educational events. 

For a comprehensive review of your personal situation, always consult with a tax or legal advisor. Nor any of my representatives may give legal or tax advice.