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Your Life Priorities

At every stage in life, you have your own life priorities which have their own set of questions and challenges.  At Erman Retirement Advisory, we provide you the information and guidance to help you find the answers towards achieving those life goals.  Here are a few common life goals with our clients.  Which of these life goals matter to you? 


  • Do you have enough saved for retirement?  Do you need to continue to work?
  • You wished you had additional sources of income during retirement


  • Taking care of your family and other people in your circle of friends
  • Should you use a living trust or a will?
  • How much will college cost and how to save for it
  • First-time parents -how to financially prepare 
  • Managing rising healthcare costs and how to plan for the future
  • Family health issues - how to prepare and survive
  • Saving money for your first home purchase
  • Purchasing a second vacation or rental property
  • Downsizing to a smaller home
  • How to maximize your 401(k) matching?
  • Need help choosing and understand employee benefits
  • Women business owners - things to know
  • How to properly donate to your favorite charity?

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