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What other benefits should I expect as a client?

We all know financial planning involves investing your money to prepare for a comfortable post-retirement lifestyle.  But, did you know there is much more than just investing your money?  We focus so much more than managing our client’s money.  In fact, our clients will stand to gain the entire wealth management experience, which includes the following:

Preserving your Wealth

We look critically at reducing investment risk in the overall portfolio.  Instead of searching for the next hottest fund, we focus our energy on what will generate consistent and steady returns.  As we’ve all learned since childhood, “slow and steady” wins the race.


Wealth Enhancement

We search for legitimate ways to reduce and minimize our client’s taxes by looking at various retirement accounts as tax shelters, deductions and personal exemptions, possible tax credits, and tax loss harvesting.  We also utilize our proprietary Social Security and tax withholding analytical tools to determine the best timing of income, purchases, and other expenditures.  We will use these reports to visually demonstrate and explain the advantages of the different options you may choose from.


Transfer of Assets to Heirs and Charitable Institutions

During times of hardship, we help take care of your heirs and beneficiaries according to your wishes.  For most clients, we discuss and formulate these plans far in advance and know exactly how to carry out the necessary instructions.  We proactively title account registrations with primary/contingent beneficiaries and successor trustees.  We help our clients establish advanced medical directives, living trusts, and help designate a power of attorney.  Finally, we assist in the gift of giving to charitable institutions and individuals that matter most to you.

At Erman Retirement Advisory, we take pride in how we help our clients organize their financial lives.  By doing so, our clients can sleep well at night without worrying about all the details and different areas of concern.  It is our job and duty to provide all of these services to you – as our valued client.

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